Beacon Family Fun Day (BFFD)



At Beacon School, we believe in the value of family and community. Everyone related in any way to a Beacon School student or staff member is a part of the Beacon Family. Beacon Family Fun Day, which is held in July each year, gives us the opportunity to meet as many members of this big Beacon community as possible. There is good music, and lots to eat and drink amidst healthy discussions.

Our school compound becomes a big children and adult play field. Each family member is placed into a team for the day’s competitions. We all come to school dressed in our team colours, ready to participate and win! The children particularly enjoy watching their parents and teachers engaged in active sports and participate eagerly in their own competitions. Competitions include football matches (female staff members against mothers of Beacon Students, male students against their fathers, and penalty shots), arm wrestling, sack races, tug of war, charades, musical chairs, table tennis matches and basketball shots. Children also enjoy the bouncy castles, horse riding, face painting and water sports.

Sponsors for 2019 Beacon Family Fun Day Event included:

• Medicas Hospital, Mampong – Free basic health screening, advice on medical issues,
• Decathlon Ghana – Sports for all; All for sports
• Hilburi Resort – Pan exclusive resort, conference & events centre, in Aburi
• Peduase Valley Resort – Prizes for the raffle draw
• Hillview Guest Center – an events an conference hub; an exquisite home for creative minds and distinguished guests
• Acube Graphics – an online graphics and web design firm for all client types

At the end of the day, the winning team receives a trophy which they hold to defend at the following year’s event. Team White were the 2017 winners. In 2018, Team green took the trophy. The reality, however, is that everyone is a winner on that day. We go home tired but healthier and happier. Family bonds are strengthened, new friends are made and new relationships begin.