Beacon Field Trips



At Beacon School, we believe that education must be practical, memorable, interactive and fun! We therefore use nature and other resources within and outside the school environment to enrich the learning experiences of our students. It is not unusual to see a group of students with their teacher(s) leaving their classroom for a science lesson on “plants”, or a French lesson on “my school”, or even a preschool lesson on “sounds”.

Once a year, usually in February, students, embark on a day trip outside the school to exciting places of interest which correspond with what they are learning in school. They get to experience and interact with real-life examples and everyday applications of what they are studying in school. In February 2018, Beacon preschoolers visited the Lakeside Marina Park; Lower Primary students visited the Shai Hills Resource Reserve; Upper Primary students visited the Ghana Planetarium and the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum; while Junior High and Cambridge International students visited the Zoomlion Waste Recycling Plant. There is usually a scheduled stop for ice cream on the return journey of these trips, something the children always look forward to and enjoy.

Occasionally, when necessary, in addition to the February day trip, a class may visit a factory, a farm, an historical site etc., to enhance their lessons.The last Saturday of each month is Cambridge International Weekend. Cambridge International students participate in a variety of events aimed at inspiring curiosity, creativity, togetherness and fun. Sometimes, these events are held outside Beacon School. On the last Saturday in January, 2018, for instance, Cambridge International students visited the Bunso Arboretum in the Eastern Region of Ghana.Beacon’s maiden educational trip outside Ghana is scheduled to take place in October, 2018. Secondary students will embark on a week-long trip to the United Kingdom, to visit the London Science Museum, the Natural History Museum, the British Museum, and the University of Cambridge, among others. This will be the first of many annual school trips outside Ghana, and will offer students unique targeted learning experiences which could be absent during family travels.