Who We Are


At Beacon school, we foster an exciting, interactive and analytical approach to learning. Drawing on the strengths of both the Ghanaian and English national curricula, our pupils are given an international perspective as well as an appreciation of the beauty and potential in Ghanaian culture.

Our Christian foundations underpin the ethos of the school and help to cultivate a welcoming and friendly environment. Both Ghanaians and children of other nationalities can benefit from the family atmosphere, and a strong sense of identity and belonging. We aim to bring out the best in all our pupils, and equip and prepare them for their lives in the future.


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Our Values

  •  Discipleship and Character Development
  •  Submission and Obedience
  •  Creativity and Analytical Skills
  •  Holistic Education
  •  Relevance to Global Society
  •  Partnerships
  •  Family

Our Mission

Our mission is to invest in the academic, social, and moral upbringing of the children under our care. As we play our part, God transforms them into responsible members of society. Our Mission is therefore captured by our motto – Forming Minds, Transforming Lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower children intellectually and spiritually, to become guiding lights to their generation; hence the name ‘Beacon’; a source of hope, guidance, direction and leadership.

What Students Say



An Exceptional Institution

The christian values I acquired from this institution, have helped me in a lot of ways. I always remember to put God first and always work towards my goals. The teachers are just excellent at what they do and cared for us like we were their own children. I made friends that are like brothers and sisters to me till date. Beacon isn't just a school, Its a family! A big loving family that shapes you for life.

Mr. Andrews Asiedu

CEO of Acube Graphics & Graduate of IPMC Ghana

Best Headmaster Ever

Well Beacon was a second home to me, one I won’t forget. It taught me to overcome my fears and I discovered talents I didn’t know I had. The teachers aren’t only teachers but they are also our second parents. In fact our Headmaster is one of the best you can ever get and I’ll always be grateful to him. What I enjoyed the most were the field trips we used to go on. I’m really proud to say I’m an old student of Beacon International School

Miss Priscilla Oppong

Currently a student of KNUST

Forever in my heart!

Beacon will forever be in my heart. This is where I grew up literally, because I started from kindergarten till I completed JHS. The strong community of both teachers and students taught me the values of decency, friendliness, truthfulness and togetherness. I can proudly say that it has been one of the fundamental factors in shaping me into who I am today. And honestly, this was one of the best decisions my parents could make for me.

Miss Yaera Spraggins

Currently a student of University of Michigan, USA

My Second Home

Beacon School was not just a place I went to study and gain knowledge. It was my home. There I made a family, I learnt to cherish people I never imagined I will still associate with to this very day. I had so many different experiences over the years. From the classrooms to the field trips. What I can say I loved the most was the Christian values induced in us as children which we can never let go of. I can't even imagine how different my life would have been if I attended another school

Mr. Nii Laryea

Currently a student of GIMPA University

Impacted my life in many ways.

Beacon school impacted my life in different ways. It helped me as a Christian and the diversity in the school pushed me to embrace the world around me. Teachers in the school taught me just as parents will teach their children and through the years they still continue to be there when I need help. In Beacon, I didn't only learn for academics but I was also able to create bonds with everyone I encountered.

Miss Eyram Tamakloe

Currently a student of Ashesi University

Beacon School changed my life.

I attest to the fact that I have become a much better person thanks to BIS. I am yet to come across a school that puts in so much effort in grooming their students and instilling the Word of God in them! My confidence, eloquence and open mindedness are the dénouements of my passing through BIS. Definitely the very best!

Miss Chantelle Amihere

Graduate of KNUST

Teachers were very encouraging.

At BIS we were encouraged to read wide and to think outside the box. Teachers were very encouraging and gave their all to making sure we understood what was being taught. My time in BIS, though short, made an indelible impact on my life, and I will forever be thankful.

Miss Nana Adwoa

Currently a Student of University of Ghana

Will always be more than a school.

Beacon International School will never be just a school to me. It has provided me so much more than an excellent education. It has given me a family, a home, and a deeper sense of self-identity. When I came to Ghana in 2016 from England, I was very anxious as to how my new lifestyle would be, with a nagging feeling in my heart that I would be considered an outsider to everyone I met. Yet, Beacon completely swept away my doubts on my very first day with the welcoming and compassionate atmosphere I was immediately immersed in. At Beacon, no matter how long you stay, you will gain friendships that last for life, a closer relationship with God, and a memorable school experience that will live in your heart forever.

Miss Rebecca Amonoo-Neizer

Currently a Student of Drapers' Academy, England

My Second Family

Beacon wasn't just a school for me, it was my family. I grew up in Beacon, nurtured in an institution where teacher-student relationship was not just a parental one but equally an amicable one. The tranquility of the environment is exceptional and the quality of lessons was just outstanding. I stand proud today to say that, indeed Beacon made me what I am today and I am eternally grateful.

Miss Kamilia Kalmoni

Currently a student of Ashesi University

My Refuge

Beacon School for me was my refuge, a school where I knew I’d be accepted and safe. I loved that it cared more about helping me be a good person than the grades I got. With that support and love it was no surprise that we strived to do our best academically too.

Miss Esther Yeboah

Architecture/Landscaping Student - University of Sheffield, UK

Proud Product Of Beacon

Beacon made it possible for me to see what it means to take an active part in shaping one’s environment. There are not many schools that can say they actively think of what is best for their students, value their students’ opinions and experiences, or defend their students’ safety, health and happiness. This is something that Beacon always did, because the school cares more about a child’s spiritual and personal growth than solely academic achievements, and in this way, has shaped my expectations and standards in whichever institutions I find myself a part of. I couldn’t be more proud of Beacon and to be a product of this school.

Miss Lydia Jane Yeboah

Medical Student - University of York, UK

A Society Of Caring Teachers

This school is a society of caring teachers, students, staff and parents. There is so much more than excellent academics being taught here. My parents could have sent me to any of the wonderful schools here on the ridge, but at BIS, I was able to learn faith based values, pray together, and provide service to our community. This is extremely important to me in a world that I believe is losing the focus on God and family. The same love and safety I felt at home was carried over to school.

Mr. Lawrence Oduro

Graduate of KNUST