Forming Minds Transforming Lives!

  • P.O.BOX AR 105Aburi, Ghana

  • 050 1454 327/ 0244 313699 Office


At Beacon school, we foster an exciting, interactive and analytical approach to learning. Drawing on the strengths of both the Ghanaian and English national curricula, our pupils are given an international perspective as well as an appreciation of the beauty and potential in Ghanaian culture.

Our Christian foundations underpin the ethos of the school and help to cultivate a welcoming and friendly environment. Both Ghanaians and children of other nationalities can benefit from the family atmosphere, and a strong sense of identity and belonging. We aim to bring out the best in all our pupils, and equip and prepare them for their lives in the future.

Our Values

  • Discipleship and Character Development
  • Submission and Obedience
  • Creativity and Analytical Skills
  • Holistic Education
  • Relevance to Global Society
  • Partnerships
  • Family

Our motto ‘forming minds, transforming lives’ speaks of the core value of the school. As we help to form the children’s minds through a creative process of teaching and in-depth Christian formation, we have begun to see God transform their lives.

Our Vision

True to its name, Beacon School seeks to act as a ‘beacon’ of hope, direction and leadership. We are preparing tomorrow’s leaders today who will influence Ghana and the international community.