Beacon Bible Camp



The Bible contains truths for relating successfully with our Creator and with all other human beings here on earth. The Bible is therefore an important part of day-to-day life at Beacon School. Each academic year usually ends with two optional Bible Camps for students – one camp for younger students and another for older students. At these camps, children learn Christian values such as the fear of the Lord; honesty; integrity; and respect for others, so that they can be assets to the world at large.

The Bible Camp for Younger Students is a non-residential camp held at the end of lessons, in the last couple of days of each 3rd Term. During those days, children who opt to participate in the camp come to school in their uniforms for a regular school day and change into their camp clothes after school. There is an atmosphere of anticipation in the school as the day draws to a close and the beginning of the camp draws nearer. The camp typically includes active sports, creative sessions, entertainment, the Bible story and application time. Children go away with keepsakes with which they are reminded of all they learn and how they can put the lessons into practice, every day of their lives.

The Bible Camp for Older Students is usually a residential camp held immediately after the academic year comes to a close. The children have focused times of Bible study and discussions, and are empowered to develop personal relationships with God. There is also time for sports, movies, music, arts and craft, dance, outreach, and much more – all designed or selected to reinforce the theme for the camp. During outreaches, the children share what they have learnt with others. They distribute food and clothing to people in less privileged communities; pray with them and assure them of God’s love for them. The residential Bible Camp ends with celebration which includes a barbeque and a big bonfire.