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Beacon Career's Day

Our maiden Careers Day event was held on Monday, 15th April, 2019. To prepare the children for that day, we had an in-house exposé, the day before the Monday, on which jobs will most likely be non-existent in the future and which will still be relevant; as well as key soft skills for success in the future work place.

We were privileged to have Mr Kwabena Kwadade, a lawyer; Mr Jotham Twumasi-Danquah, an Information Technologist now working in Agriculture; Mr Andrews Asiedu, a Graphic Designer; Mr David Egyir, an Architect; Mr Yao van Landewijk, an Entrepreneur and Dr Yaw Osafo, a Medical Doctor, present their occupations to the children and answer the questions they were asked. It was very interactive, highly educational and greatly inspiring.

The younger children had job-related skits in their classrooms and paraded in their amazing costumes for the rest of the school. They also learnt a lot from these activities and had a good time.