Day & Boarding


Beacon boarding provides a friendly home away from home experience for both boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 16 years. The girls’ dormitory is located on the Beacon School compound whilst the boys’ dormitory is currently located a few kilometres away from the school, with a bus to shuttle students to and from school, as required. Both boarding houses are furnished to resemble modern homes. They have a communal living room, shared student bedrooms, modern toilet and bathroom facilities, a kitchen and a housemaster / housemistress’ room. The welfare of each child is the topmost priority of the housemistresses, housemasters and tutors. Parents visit their children on weekends and the children spend one weekend of each month at home.

Beacon boarding aims to transform children into organised, hardworking, responsible, members of their boarding households and of the Beacon community. The children are nurtured academically, spiritually and socially so that they can be independent and mature by the time they enter college or university. They are trained in personal grooming, time management, and other life skills such as cleaning, cooking, sewing, ironing, and gardening.

To ensure that boarding students are on top of their academics, they have scheduled Evening Prep times which are closely supervised by a tutor or by the housemistress/housemaster. At evening prep, students complete all homework and assignments, read over their notes and prepare for the next day’s lessons. Before a major examination, the children are given extra tuition support after school.

Outside their study and home training times, Beacon boarders engage in sports, games, creative arts and fun outings. Sunday church services are also a regular feature of the boarding weekend. The boarding houses close for the summer break as well as for the Easter and Christmas holidays. Students return home to their parents and guardians for these occasions.

For boarding fees, please contact the school office on 0501454327 or Email us at