Beacon Field Trips



At Beacon School, we believe that education must be practical, memorable, interactive and fun! We therefore use nature and other resources within and outside the school to enrich the learning experiences of our students. It is not unusual to see a group of students with their teacher(s) leaving their classroom in the middle of a lesson in search of practical examples within the school environment to reinforce a Science lesson on “Plants”, a French lesson on “My School”, or even a Literacy lesson on “Sounds”.

Students embark on Field Trips to exciting places of interest outside school for first-hand experiences of how the lessons learnt in school exist in real life or are applied in the working world. Not only do they go on tours and receive lectures from experienced individuals wherever they go, they get the opportunity to try their hands on the practical aspects involved. This is what makes the trips memorable.

Finally, our field trips always have a fun element. A constant feature of any Beacon Field Trip is the scheduled ice-cream break on the return journey- something the children always look forward to, and enjoy.


Examples of Field Trip Venues for Beacon Students are: