International Day



Beacon International School has a truly diverse population. Students and staff at Beacon originate from at least fifteen (15) different countries. We love to celebrate our diversity and learn about different cultures from all over the world. This makes our students appreciate that the world goes beyond what they see and experience daily. Beacon International Day has a different focus each year. It is an extremely entertaining and educational experience.

Each class represents a different country for the event. Students learn as much as they can about the countries they represent and their people – the history, geography, clothing, food, practices etc. The whole school is decorated with flags, symbols and ornaments of the various countries, and everyone (all students and staff members) wears the traditional attire of the country they are representing. We are all and are treated to plays, recitals, dances etc.; and at lunch time, everyone has the opportunity to sample some food from the various countries. The food is laid out buffet style and we all have a great feast!

It is just wonderful to see all the different colours, clothing, food, music, dances, etc. from across the world, in one place. We always look forward to the next year’s event because each year’s event is bigger and better than any that was held before it.