Beacon Science Day



On Science Day at Beacon School, we celebrate the endless possibilities of Science! We reflect on the incredible scientific progress the world has made in recent times, and the practical
applications of Science to our day-to-day lives. We usually focus on the natural sciences, engineering and technology, medical & health sciences and agricultural sciences. 

In the past, we have had the ‘Science Set’ inventors (Dext Technology Limited) and a Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (AI) education company (Khalmax Robotics) come in to interact with the children and demonstrate how to use their products. The students thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with the Science Sets and using the Robots in amazing ways. 

In order for the children to appreciate the various paths the study of Science could lead them on, we invited former Beacon students who are currently studying various branches of Science in tertiary institutions to speak with the children about their individual journeys, challenges, joys and aspirations.

Finally, Beacon students also displayed their own scientific inventions and gave exposés on their personal scientific discoveries to the rest of the school and to visiting family members. They blew us away with their creativity and innovation.