Beacon Christmas Event



The Beacon Christmas Event is an evening event held on the last day of the second term of each academic year. Parents and guardians are invited to school and are treated to plays, poems, recitals, dances etc. The central theme for all these performances is the birth of the saviour of the world – the Lord Jesus Christ.

Because it is a very special event, preparations for the event begin long before the actual day. PE lessons are transformed into special dance lessons for all classes and costumes are made for the characters of the Christmas play – Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, wise men, even the sheep get their own creative costumes. Christmas coloured fabric is used to decorate the school for the event and the many coloured lights on the school buildings and trees give the school environment that beautiful festive Christmas season glow. A stage is mounted for the performances, microphones and sound machines are tested, professional stage-lights are lit, the piano is tuned and all is set for the evening’s event.The children are talented and would have perfected their acts over several hours of practice prior to the programme so the performances are always a delight to watch. Every child plays one role or the other. No one is left out. There is something new every year, so it never gets old. The whole evening is recorded and made into CDs which the children receive at the beginning of the next academic year, so that they can relive the day over and over again.

After the performances, there is an after party which nobody likes to miss. There are kebabs, drinks, popcorn and other delicious finger foods. Since 2017, children have had the opportunity to take a picture with Father Christmas.Because the Christmas Event is the last School event for each calendar year, goodbyes are difficult to say when the programme ends, but they are said all the same; for as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

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