Co-Curricular Activities


School life

To give our students more opportunities to engage in creative activities, in addition to our afterschool clubs, we have instituted Co-Curricular Activities in school on Friday afternoons. This term, children from Year 3 and above are engaging in Drumming, Hip-Hop, Debates, Make-up and Fashion, Singing, Crafts, Drama and Gardening.

Ghanaian cultural dance training by a certified instructor from the University of Ghana, Legon. Contemporary dance and hip-hop training.

Sports Camps every July, we organise basketball, football and Bible Camps for the older children.

In line with our holistic approach to education, we currently offer a variety of extra-curricular activities, with plans to expand as the school grows. These clubs are organized after regular school hours for those who are interested.

School Clubs


School life

The Beacon Hip Hop Club
Hip Hop is great for muscle development and for building self-confidence. Our Hip Hop Club is designed to improve children’s coordination, balance, flexibility and general fitness. Our instructor, Nana Tuffour Okai, has extensive experience in teaching foundations and advanced levels of dance arts to both children and adults.

Swimming Club
The Beacon Swimming Club is just right for teaching children this fun, but essential life-saving skill. Our trainer, a member of the National Swimming Team, is a certified trainer and has extensive experience in teaching both children and adults to swim.

In addition to general music lessons for all pupils, we also offer extra curricular piano training, leading to Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) qualifications. The Beacon Piano club is taught by Mr Albert Howard Appiah, a young vibrant music enthusiast with strong first and second degrees in Music related programmes.

Drama Club
Our club is designed to improve children’s confidence, creativity, self-esteem and communication skills. It gives children a better understanding of the world in which they live and exposes them to worlds and cultures they have not experienced in real life. They learn to cooperate with others and their emotional intelligence is developed.

Computer and Coding Club
The Beacon School Computer and Coding Club is designed to train children to become critical consumers of hardware and software. It also gives them the basic knowledge required to write and test simple programs. This knowledge lays the foundation for them to become active producers of new and innovative software.

Robotics Club
The robotics club develops engineering and coding skills in its members. Children are empowered to create simple household gadgets and other problem-solving robots.